Books: Knowing and Making Wine
Title:      Knowing and Making Wine
Categories:      Grape&Wine
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Authors:      Emile Peynaud
ISBN-10(13):      9780471881490
Publisher:      Wiley-Interscience
Edition:      2nd
Number of pages:      416
Language:      English
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Product Description

A veritable digest of enology, Knowing and Making Wine deals with all aspects--both practical and theoretical--of wine-science. Emile Peynaud, noted research enologist and teacher, brings us the knowledge from his long career and his considerable contributions to current practices in enology.

This complete survey of wine-making techniques and wine appreciation examines the latest scientific developments and shows how the results of this research can be applied in everyday practice. It uses simple terms without complicated chemical formulas and includes practical exercises supported by related theories.

Conceived as a handbook not only for the student but also for the practicing enologist confronted with day-to-day problems, Knowing and Making Wine gives each an opportunity to solve particular cases which arise, and guides the practitioner where there may be several possible solutions

About the Author

Emile Peynaud, Docteur-ingenieur, was formerly director in the research department, agronomy and enology station, University of Bordeaux. Since his retirement from active university life, he has continued to act as consultant to approximately a dozen châteaux, wine-cooperatives, and wineries in Spain, Greece, Italy, and Mexico. In addition to his teaching and consultancy work, he is a well known author of nearly 300 scientific articles in specialized reviews as well as a number of books on tasting and enology.

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