Books: Concepts in Wine Chemistry
Title:      Concepts in Wine Chemistry
Categories:      Grape&Wine
BookID:      4
Authors:      Yair Margalit
ISBN-10(13):      1891267744
Publisher:      Wine Appreciation Guild
Edition:      2
Number of pages:      476
Language:      English
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Product Description

First published in 1997, Concepts in Wine Chemistry was the first text and reference book in decades to set out the basic science behind the chemistry of wine. Now, this new edition is fully revised and undated to meet the field's most recent developments and explain the chemistry backbone to the broader science of winemaking. The chapters are logically organised from the must and juice composition through each step of the winemaking process: fermentation, phenolics, oxidation, oak products, sulphur dioxide, cellar process and wine defects. Also included is a chapter on the history of wine chemistry and ancient winemaking practices, and a thorough index and chapter outlines.

About the Author

Yair Margalit, Ph.D., author of the best-selling Winery Technology and Operations and Concepts in Wine Technology, is a physical chemist with many years of research and teaching experience. He operates a small family vineyard and winery and teaches winemaking and wine chemistry at the Israel Institute of Technology - the 'Technicon.' He also visits and consults with wineries worldwide.

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