Books: Wine Analysis & Production
Title:      Wine Analysis & Production
Categories:      Grape&Wine
BookID:      13
Authors:      Kenneth C. Fugelsang, Fred S. Nury, Barry H. Gump, Bruce W. Zoecklein, Fugelsan Zoecklin
ISBN-10(13):      9780834217010
Publisher:      Springer
Number of pages:      621
Language:      English
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Product Description

This accessible volume provides practical information on wine analysis and production. It covers the full range of techniques, from quick screening assays to wet chemical and instrumentation analysis, as well as interpretation of results. Emphasizing a step-by-step approach to procedures, the authors:

  • - examine analyses commonly performed in the United States, Europe and Australia:
  • - discuss viticultural considerations as they relate to winemakeing as well as sensory evaluation and the importance of each anolyte in the spectrum of winery operations:
  • - present new procedures including 'quick' qualitative tests for the presence of various constituents:
  • - explore updated information on sensory evaluation of wines, use of enzymes in winemaking, health aspects and more, and - offer a chapter featuring laboratory procedures, listed alphabetically and extensively cross-referenced.

International in scope, Wine Analysis and Production is essential for winemakers and laboratory personnel worldwide. Students of enology will find it an incomparable resource.

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