Books: Sunlight Into Wine; A Handbook for Wine Grape Canopy Arrangement.
Title:      Sunlight Into Wine; A Handbook for Wine Grape Canopy Arrangement.
Categories:      Grape&Wine
BookID:      32
Authors:      Richard Smart, Mike Robinson
ISBN-10(13):      1875130101
Publisher:      Winetitles
Edition:      1ST
Number of pages:      88
Language:      English
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Product Description

Sunlight into Wine sets out the principles of canopy management to improve winegrape yield and quality. It brings together for the first time the findings of viticultural research and advances in commercial grapegrowing practice over the last decade or so. Emphasizing practical applications, there are sections to explain canopy microclimate, methods of vineyard quality assurance, and techniques to improve canopy microclimate which emphasize new trellis systems. The final section details how winegrape trellis systems can be economically constructed. The book is crammed with practical tips, and includes contributions from people around the world who are applying canopy management techniques, both in research and in commercial vineyards. There are plenty of illustrations and photographs to ensure that the concepts are easily understood...The techniques described here when adopted will lead to significant gains in vineyard yield and wine quality. This book is truly about 'winemaking in the vineyard'.

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