Books: Biology of the Grapevine (The Biology of Horticultural Crops)
Title:      Biology of the Grapevine (The Biology of Horticultural Crops)
Categories:      Grape&Wine
BookID:      29
Authors:      Michael G. Mullins, Alain Bouquet, Larry E. Williams
ISBN-10(13):      9780521038676
Publisher:      Cambridge University Press
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      252
Language:      English
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Product Description

This book aims to provide for the first time in the English language a concise but comprehensive overview of the biology and cultivation of the grapevine, accessible to all concerned with viticulture. After a description of the essential features of viticulture, including a concise history from antiquity to modern times, the authors consider the taxonomy of the grapevine and the evolutionary processes that gave rise to the diversity within the Vitaceae. Particular attention is paid to the genera Vitis and Muscadinia, which are considered a reserve of genetic variation for the improvement of grapevines. A description of the vegetative and reproductive anatomy of the grapevine precedes a full discussion of the developmental and environmental physiology of these fascinating and economically important plants. The concluding chapter considers the potential for genetic improvement of grapevines and includes coverage of the problems encountered, and the methods and strategies employed, in breeding for scions and rootstocks. Special reference to the role of plant biotechnology and tissue culture in the genetic improvement of grapevines is also made.

Book Description

Acknowledgements; Preface; Introduction; 1. The growing of grapes; 2. The grapevine and its relatives; 3. The structure of the grapevine: vegetative and reproductive anatomy; 4. Developmental physiology: the vegetati ve grapevine; 5. Developmental physiology: flowering and fruiting; 6. The culti vated grapevine; 7. Genetic improvement of grapevines.

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