The Winemaking portal provides a broad range of winery related information generated by our contributors and from selected external links. Introductory topics cover starting a winery, equipment needs and economics. A large section on wine production provides information on pre-harvest considerations, fermentation, and finishing wine. Additional topics include laboratory procedures, equipment and supplies, sanitation, wine flaws, safety, and regulations.

Texas A&M Agrilife Extention Enology Team Presentations/Documents:


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2011. High pH! Newsom Grape Day. Plains, TX. Trela, B.

2011. Temperature Effects on Grapes & Wines. Grape Camp. Fredericksburg, TX. Trela, B.


2010. Balancing Yield & Quality in the Winery. Grape Camp. Fredericksburg, TX. Trela, B.

2010. Using Sustainable Grape Contracts to Eliminate Harvest Misunderstandings and Surprises. Grape Camp. Fredericksburg, TX. Sipowicz, M.

2010. Stable Wine-The Foundation of Quality. Cat Spring Blanc du Bois Symposium. Sipowicz, M.

2010. Texas Enology Extension. Newsom Grape Day. Plains, TX. Trela, B.


2009. Improved Winemaking-An Answer to Late Freeze. Newsom Grape Day. Plains, TX. Sipowicz, M.

2009. Sensory Evaluation of the 2007 Texas A&M Commercial Wine Chemistry Trials. Texas Viticulture and Enology Research Symposium. Granbury, TX. Sipowicz, M.

2009. Sulfur-Like Off Odors- Cause, Creation & Cure. Texas Wine and Grape Growers Symposium. Sipowicz, M.

2009. Acidity: High pH/High TA. Midwest Grape and Wine Conference. Osage Beach, MO. Trela, B.

2009. Texas Enology Education, Research & Extension. National Viticulture and Enology Extension Leadership Conference Annual Meeting. Oklahoma City, OK. Trela, B.


2008. Grape Transportation and Wine Quality. Newsom Grape Day. Plains, TX. Sipowicz, M.

2008. Planning for Success-Things You Should Consider Before You Open a Winery. City of Brownwood, TX. Sipowicz, M.

2008. Winery Sanitation- It's About Quality. Sipowicz, M.

2008. Texas Enology Education & Extension Program. Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Austin, TX. Trela, B.


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