Quality Control and Lab Analyses for Wineries

Quality Control & Laboratory Analyses for Wineries

By Brent C. Trela

Table of Contents (first 4 chapters)



Certification for the Analysis of Wine or Distilled Spirits for Export (Proceedure 2010-1)

Laboratory Analysis for Small Wineries (Kirrane, M. 2009) (pdf)


Lab Protocols

This commercial laborotory website provides step-by-step procedures for performing common wine laboratory analyses.

Malolactic Fermentation Monitoring - Methods and Strategies

Winery Sanitation

One of the most important aspects of winemaking is cleaning and sanitation.  

“Cleanliness is a basic condition for Quality. The whole of enological science would be to no avail if the work itself were done in places that were dirty.”
– Emile Peynaud from Knowing and Making Wine

Texas Winery Cleaning and Sanitation Guide
Texas AgriLife Extension Service

Basic Elements of Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing in Food Processing and Handling Operations
University of Florida

Peracetic Acid Sanitation of Industrial Processing Equipment

Wine Flaws

Practical Monitoring and Management of Brettanomyces (Powerpoint presentation)
Virginia Cooperative Extension Service

Factors Impacting Sulfur-like Off Odors in Wine and Winery Options
Virginia Cooperative Extension Service

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