Introduction of Wine Financial Plan Wizard

The objective of this system is to develop an accurate depiction of current investment costs of constructing, owning, and operating a winery. Potential investors and lenders will find this study useful in evaluating the expected profitability, cash flows, and potential risk associated with investing in a winery.

In the first version, we carry out some specific objectives include:

1). Identify the personnel and capital assets required to construct and operate five wineries of various sizes, ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 annual case productions;

2). Calculate the total dollar investment required to construct each winery;

3). Estimate the annual operating costs for each winery;

4). Calculate the annual cash flow for each winery.

However, the users only allow check those data, in another words, all those results are fixed. What the system does for the users is find the match number and show them on the interface. This is the biggest weakness of this version of system. In the next version, we will make it dynamic.

We plan to make all the data modifiable. It means the users can modify any number based on our calculate result and make them more accurately. For example, after a user try to find a basic solution for his new winery which capacity is up to 20,000 annual cases, the system will calculate the draft budget (cost) report for him based on some other parameters from his input. Then he allow to modify the draft report to help his next step decision, like change the budget of equipment or labor fee, etc. Next, system will suggest the details based on the user's budget, like customizing the tanks or choosing oaks. As the same as before, the user be allowed to modify those details reports too. After that, the system will recalculate a final printable report for him, which including the suggest items, match price and those collect data for the higher levels. All the final report will be stored in our server hard drive under the login name, allow the users retrieve and renew them anytime.

To actualize this plan, we will change the old version platform - . Net to JQuery, a more flexible technical and based on AJAX, which will make the system totally dynamic.

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