High Plains Vineyard Tour and Trade Show


High Plains Vineyard Tour and Trade Show
Date: April 28, 2012
Location: Mallet Event Center, Levelland, TX

The High Plains has quickly become the most recognized and respected region of Texas in the production of wine grapes. The region produces some of the finest fruit that is the beginning of the finest Texas wines available for consumers today. With that in mind, several years ago the local producers began the High Plains Vineyard tour to give the wineries and others a first-hand look at the vineyards and the opportunity to interact with the grape producers. In recent years the tour has showcased Terry County, Texas, and this year the vineyards in and around Hockley County, Texas will be visited. For 2012 the event will include field visits to the vineyards, an all-day trade show with sponsors and wineries showcasing their products and will culminate in an evening of great wine, food, music and fun at the new Mallet Event Centerin Levelland

The evening portion of the event will include:
• Wine tasting from wineries all over Texas
• 3 course formal plate dinner with wine pairings provided by Dr. Richard and Bunny Becker and Messina Hof Winery.
• Door prizes from local businesses as well as individuals.
• Live music including Kenny Maines during the dinner portion and a dance featuring a top-rated local band.
• Silent auction
• Industry and insider news from local and regional grape experts.
• Great conversation, good times and good people.

Those of us with the High Plains Wine Growers would like you to know we truly appreciate your participation. This newly expanding industry has a local impact on businesses, residents, and is a great way to get involved and have a hand in the future of Texas wine production. The High Plains Winegrowers arc people that take pride in our families, work, region, and we are the rising stars in the Texas wine industry. If you need further information please call or e-mail.


High Plains Winegrowers

Holiday Inn Express, 703 E. State Road 114 Levelland: 806-894-8555
South Plains Best Western Inn & Suites, 204 N. College Ave., Levelland: 806-894-9155
Levelland Motel, 304 College Ave., Levelland: 806-894-7335
Budget Inn of Levelland, 308 N College Ave., Levelland: 806-894-7335

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