Operational Guidelines for the Texas Enology Network Industry Advisory Council (draft)

Operational Guidelines for the Texas Enology Network Industry Advisory Council


The Texas Enology Network Industry Advisory Council (TEN-IAC) will be established in 2012. It will be comprised of grape and wine industry members and other individuals who have a vested interest in the success of the industry. The TEN-IAC shall have the responsibility of providing guidance and counsel to the TEN Director(s) from an industry practice perspective. Such guidance and counsel shall address relevant curricula, programs, and activities as they relate to the expectations of wine makers on a national level and the future demands and opportunities associated with the industry at large.

The TEN-IAC will be asked to review and comment on the goals and objectives established by the TEN in its constant search for excellence and to provide advice on the most effective ways to meet them. At times, members will also be asked to provide additional input on program effectiveness. The TEN-IAC shall also advise on the ways and means to achieve stronger and lasting connections between the TEN, the grape and wine industry, and other interested parties.

The TEN-IAC may be called upon to help communicate the needs and aspirations of the TEN to its community of interest which includes the grape and wine industry throughout the nation, etc.


TEN-IAC members shall be expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings (generally one to two) each year and to be available by telephone or other means for occasional consultation.

At times, TEN-IAC members may be asked to interact with the community of interest by participating in such functions as special seminars and other related activities as deemed appropriate. Examples of TEN-IAC activities include:

$          The TEN-IAC reviews the proposed TEN goals annually and provides input for appropriate changes.

$          TEN-IAC members help with fund raising for the operational expenses of the TEN.

$          TEN-IAC members serve as liaisons between the TEN and industry.

$          The TEN-IAC is to work on accumulating discretionary contributions targeted for support of the TEN.

$          TEN-IAC members promote the TEN whenever possible to the industry and potential contributors.


The TEN-IAC shall be composed a minimum of four to five members, each recommended by members of the TEN and appointed for a two year term. One member of the TEN will act as ex officio member. The membership for the initial board shall be appointed as staggered terms of one or two years. There shall be no limit to the number of terms a TEN-IAC member may serve. Every effort shall be made to ensure a diversity of practice activity and geographical distribution. The TEN Director, along with the majority vote of the TEN membership, hold the right to dissolve the board at any time or replace members as necessary.


**TEN-IAC members who miss more than two consecutive meetings will be removed from the TEN-IAC unless those absences are for extenuating circumstances.



Officers of the TEN-IAC shall be a Chair and Vice-Chair with a current Director within the TEN serving as Secretary and another TEN member as Treasurer. The Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected by its membership and serve one year terms. There shall be no limit to the number of terms held by the Chair and/or Vice-Chair.


The TEN-IAC Chair shall work in concert with TEN members to conduct and moderate all meetings, and provide agenda items, and to call for such action as necessary to accomplish the purpose of the TEN-IAC.


The Secretary shall be responsible for preparing the final meeting agenda, recording the actions of the TEN-IAC, and disseminating information pertinent to the purpose of the TEN-IAC.



The TEN-IAC shall meet at least twice each year at a set time and for a duration which the TEN-IAC Chair, the TEN Director, and the other TEN member deem appropriate. The TEN-IAC, by unanimous vote, may call additional special meetings as necessary to accomplish its purpose.


An annual report of the TEN-IAC will be prepared by the TEN Director, or a designate, for submission to the appropriate members of the grape and wine industry.

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